The Power Of Imagery: Evoking the emotions of love & fear

A single image can play host to a multitude of emotions which is in turn interpreted differently by each viewer. As it is, an image has the power to conjure and stir powerful emotions within us. Some images could make us feel angry, sad, fearful, shocked, vulnerable whereas another could bring joy, happiness and laughter.

From a single image, a story could evolve. Photographic images are so powerful because they can communicate complex ideas or moments quickly. Provocative photography & videography stops people for a moment and draws them into the idea or moment.

In terms of documenting people or an event, a single image can evoke a whole series of memories even decades after the event. Remember to tell potential clients about this power and remind them that as an experienced visual recorder and storyteller of history you deliver best when given total creative control.

What many fail to realise is that seemingly unimportant scenes can become more relevant over time, particularly in remembrance of a departed loved one.

Written by: Cyrus Rouusiles
Date: 5th Nov 2019