10 Non-Corny Couple Photoshoot Ideas this Valentine's

10 Non-Corny Couple Photoshoot Ideas This Valentine’s
Post by Maria Sibirtseva

When Valentine’s Day approaches, it seems as if there’s always the people that wait in anticipation for it, people that dismiss it, and people that literally avoid it. You’ll always find those who love it and those who hate it. Because of such a split, sometimes photographers get limited to do the standard, corny couple photoshoots and don’t really have much room for experiments.

However, there’s always a way out. What if those who hate or simply don’t care about Valentine’s Day were offered several couple photoshoot ideas that are funny, creative, and unusual? Would they mind going to an amusement park and just have fun while a photographer is “spying” on them?

In this article, we’ve put up a list of themes that will allow you to experiment with couple photoshoots, tap into a new pool of clients, and enrich your photography portfolio with a series of authentic images. 

Couple photoshoot ideas to try this Valentine’s:

1. Everyday moments

Happiness comes from small things like getting breakfast in bed, watching your favorite TV-series or cooking dinner together. You might not pay attention to them but in fact, these routine yet beloved activities show that you have found your soulmate. They also turn out to be amazing couples photoshoot ideas.

Whether in a boudoir, documentary, or seasonal photography style, romantic photoshoots at home is a surefire way to get a series of authentic images. In familiar environments, couples who are not professional models feel confident and relaxed. Meanwhile, photographers get a chance to try their hand at shooting different locations and with different lighting conditions.

Location: At home, or both indoors and outdoors.
Props: furniture, household items, or food.
Wear: homewear, underwear, or casual clothes.

man and woman lying on bed 

2. Fine art photography

Fine art photography opens up a huge spectrum of unconventional ideas for couples photoshoots. You can experiment as much as you want, going from styling your favorite movie or fairytale scene to becoming a God and a Goddess from ancient Greek myths.

This kind of photoshoot will be an unusual experience for both a photographer and a couple as there’s so much room to express creativity for both. Also, you’ll definitely have several funny backstage stories to share with your friends and colleagues.

Location: depends on the photoshoot idea, from tourist attraction to studio.
Props: attributes that a character from a movie/fairytale/myth.
Wear: tailored or rented costumes.

3. The Explorers

Another way to get authentic images is to capture some aspect of an adventure with the couple. For instance, exploring a hiking trail somewhere in the mountains or simply walking around a new area during a photoshoot is exciting and unusual. A couple will experience sincere emotions which are a pleasure to capture and translate well in images.

If you are to have a commercial shooting and need to interview a famous couple for Valentine’s Day feature, “the explorers” theme will be a good choice. When you place people in unusual conditions, they tend to concentrate on exploration, pose naturally, and think over their answers less. It’s also common that in a relaxed atmosphere during a casual stroll can help the couple act more natural, giving you many opportunities to capture the authenticity of those moments.

Location: new city, area, or trail.
Props: a hat, a map, and a backpack.
Wear: comfy and casual.

man walking under cave during daytime

4. Evening rooftop

Although the idea of a romantic rooftop couple photoshoot is not new, there’s a way to make it special. Come there just before the golden hour, decorate the place with candles, and get ready to take a series of unique images.

The golden hour is a magical time for photographers. You don’t have to worry about the lighting a lot and can concentrate on the angles and viewpoints of the images. During this hour the sun goes down gradually and you get a great variation in light. Every single photo you take will look unique. 

However, there’s one crucial thing to remember when shooting during the golden hour. You have to come prepared, as the sunset significantly limits the time of the session. Calculate a perfect time for a photoshoot with a golden hour calculator.

Location: rooftop.
Props: candles, wine glasses, a blanket.
Wear: casual. 

5. Classic black and white

If you’d like a couple photoshoot to look stylish and relevant after years and years, choose the classic black and white option. It is super easy to organize as you just need to rent a studio with changeable backdrops.

All your effort and thought should be put into the concept and the technical side of shooting. To make images look professional, try to experiment with studio lighting. Use the available tools to manipulate the light for more artistic shots. For instance, a diffuser will soften the shadows, while dimmed lights and a single light source can help create a dramatic contrast.

Location: studio.
Props: anything that you think might be relevant.
Wear: up to you.

6. The element of surprise

This couples photoshoot idea is definitely the most romantic on the list. Do you already have a guess what “the element of surprise” means? Of course, A PROPOSAL!

Although some people prefer this moment to be intimate, they also wish to keep memories of it. In this case, a photographer has to become a “ghost” and do their best not to interfere but capture memorable photos. The tough part is having to disguise yourself for a while and plan on how to be at the right place and at the right time to capture the exact moment of the proposal.

Location: a romantic place like a rooftop, a restaurant, a beach.
Props: a ring.
Wear: depends on the place for a proposal.

person holding Marry Me ball decor

7. Honest Close-ups

You’ve definitely heard the statement that the truth is in the details and a photographer is the one to capture them. Taking honest close-ups requires paying a lot of attention to the little things that matter and in 2020, it is a visual trend.

More and more brands are now sharing photos with less post-production to show what their products or services are about. However, the trend spreads far beyond the advertising field and influences design and photography as well.

If your clients are all for experiments or simply don’t like retouched photos, offer them a couples photoshoot idea that would imply minimum post-production and a lot of details. They will probably love the idea.

Location: anywhere.
Props and wear: depend on the photoshoot theme.

8. Winter wonderland

“Winter Wonderland” is just a working title for this couples photoshoot idea. In fact, we’d like to suggest a different approach to taking photographs in winter rather than going to the Christmas market or posing around your Christmas tree in ugly Christmas sweaters.

Go on a small road trip with a couple but check the forecast in advance. If the day you have scheduled a photoshoot for is going to be snowy and sunny, consider that it’ll be half the battle. Ask a couple to get props like a thermos with hot tea, sparklers or anything else that would make photos look atmospheric. 

Also, don’t forget to protect your gear in cold weather and bring extra batteries. You don’t want anything to compromise your photoshoot, do you?

Location: forest road or track.
Props: SUV, thermos with tea or coffee, sparklers (if you’d like).
Wear: warm clothes.

woman blowing snow on her hands

9. Big city life

Sometimes in a crowded and ever-bustling city, people can end up looking the same. They hurry to work, drink coffee on the go, and their attention is drawn to their smartphones. Despite all those first-glance similarities, every person or couple in the city has a unique story to tell. Who are they? How did they meet? What do they do?

Share a unique story by organizing a couple photoshoot in the lifestyle photography genre. At its core lies the idea of capturing real-life situations when the couple feels at ease going about their daily activities. What this means is that as a result, you won’t get any images with simpering smiles and awkward poses.

Location: city centre or business area.
Props: a cup of coffee, a laptop or smartphone in hand.
Wear: smart casual.

 10. Life is a rollercoaster

Photography is so much about freezing a moment in time and capturing the exact emotions of a particular moment. An image where people are laughing sincerely is much better than one with forced smiles.

As we’ve mentioned above, people show pure emotions when they are engaged in the moment. In this vein, an interesting couples photoshoot idea might be spending a day at an amusement park just to inject some fun into the photoshoot. 

Riding on roller coasters, playing games, and just having fun will make a couple experience the whole spectrum of emotions – from happiness to fear. Meanwhile, they will have an amazing pastime, you will get a series of authentic images to please your clients and expand your photography portfolio. 

Location:  an amusement park.
Props: roller coasters and other attractions.
Wear: casual and comfy.


Although some of these ideas might not sound new, you can add your personal touch and vision to each photoshoot and build on these existing ideas. Don’t be afraid to experiment with lighting, locations, and props. You may even pretend to spy on people in order to capture unique angles and viewpoints.

Offer some of these ideas to your clients when they ask you to come up with a theme for a couple photoshoot. They would definitely like your artistic approach and be happy about the creative ideas you’d like to try for their photoshoot.


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