How to Make More Money as a Photographer

As nice as it is to love your work, enjoying what you do doesn't pay the bills.

That means that if you are to have long-term success as a photographer, you need to figure out ways to make a solid income.

Often, photographers take that to mean that you have to take every job, work every weekend, stay up late editing photos, and so forth.

And while that's certainly one option (and sometimes necessary, too), there are other ways to boost your photography income.

Here's a three top photography business tips that should help you maximize your profits.

Don't Buy Brand New Gear
It's a popular refrain, but one worth mentioning again...

New photography gear is expensive, and if you want to maximize your income without working more, buying used gear is likely the best way to go.

Consider this: a brand new Sony a7R II is $1,998 for the body only. But on MPB, you can pick one up in good condition for as little as $1,319.

As another example, a brand new Nikon D810 will run you a shade under $2,800 while on MPB, a pre-owned D810 (shown below) in good condition is just $1,399.

So, buying used can definitely help you pad your bank account.

If you save over $600 - in the case of the Sony - or a whopping $1,400 in the case of the Nikon - just imagine how much more you could save by buying used lenses and other used gear.

Another point to make here is that in addition to buying used, you can save by buying older models of a particular camera.

Obviously, there are newer versions of the sample cameras above - the Sony A7R III and the Nikon D850. But those cameras are really expensive - $3,200 for the former and $3,300 for the latter.

When you think about it in those terms, buying used really pays off!

Share Your Talents as a Photographer Through Teaching
If you're a professional photographer, you've got all sorts of talents and skills that other people lack - and that other people can use, too.

That means that sharing your talents as a photographer could be a great way to make extra money.

And there are plenty of ways to do this, too.

You could write an eBook and sell it on Amazon. You could create a YouTube channel, post how-to videos, and monetize your channel to earn income.

For something a little more hands-on, you could offer photography classes or workshops.

Your skills aren't just for creating beautiful things. Instead, use them to help other people learn how to take great photos and you'll have one more revenue stream coming in!

Work as a Second Shooter
Wedding photographers are always looking for reliable second shooters, and there's no reason why you shouldn't explore that as an option for beefing up your bank account.

This is especially true for portrait photographers that are looking for extra work.

Sure, shooting a wedding is a little different than shooting senior portraits or family portraits, but it's not like it's a completely foreign task.

Besides, as the second shooter, you don't have to plan, meet with the clients, and do all the other heavy lifting. Instead, you can just grab your gear, meet with the primary photographer to go over who's doing what, and rock it out.

Second shooting isn't for everyone, but if you have a free weekend and want to make some extra cash, second shooting is a great choice!


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