An Industry Ready for Disruption

The Photography and Video Production industry has changed.
Many traditional companies have gone bankrupt trying to compete with the new wave of photographers and videographers. The marketplace is flooded with tens of thousands of such freelancers.
These photographers and video producers are:
+ Talented
+ Have 4K cameras and pro-editing capability
+ Willing to work for FREE to get work
+ Young and hungry
The traditional production house used to charge $1000 for a minute of professional video. Now, they are losing sales to the new wave.
Why is this happening?
None of us wanted this to happen. But the technological trends have turned the tide. And will continue to do so in the very near future.
A flashy website is no longer enough. Customers want to see past reviews, star ratings and above all, be assured that the product will be delivered as promised. And if it is not, they want their money back.
Just like how restaurants HAVE to be on Uber-Eats today to compete, Photography and Video Production business will HAVE to be on ClapperX or risk being left out by the next wave of industry disruption.
Those who are early in the game will reap most of the benefits.