How To Go Viral As A Photographer

Dear friend,

I’m gonna give you some contrarian (not ‘common-sense’) advice on how to become a viral photographer — someone whose message, ideas, and images will spread like a virus.

1. Let everyone download your JPEG photos, full-resolution, for free.
Open-source is superior to closed-source systems, because open-source systems are decentralized. I idolized Steve Jobs, but disagree on his closed approach.

Centralization of power creates tyrants, dictatorships, and is very dangerous. It causes us to lose power.

I prefer Android over iPhones because I can hack, modify, or edit my Android phone however. With iPhones, you’re stuck in an Apple prison.

Elon Musk open-sourced all the TESLA patents; helping the entire electric car industry.

I believe in open-source, because it helps drive humanity forward. The more open and free our information, the more we all benefit.

2. Don’t use social media.
Own your own platform.

Or go to, and register for free. Start sharing your listing and acquire new customers.

Don’t use Instagram or Facebook, and don’t waste time with Twitter. And definitely don’t waste time on Snapchat.

3. Do you pay a monthly fee to use your platform?
At ClapperX, there are no monthly subscription or fees to list your service. In return, you will promoted for free on the various ClapperX platforms including Facebook ads, Google Adwords, Instagram ads and even in traditional media!

4. Conclusion
Openness = growth. Generosity = success.

The more you give, the more you will receive in return.

Take your God-given talent, and multiply it. Don’t hoard it for yourself. If you have a flashlight, and you’re camping and everyone else is tripping in the dark — isn’t the right thing to do is to share that light with others?

- Eric Kim


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